Surley you know that you can’t keep a grubfiend away from a fair! The fried foods, the BBQ, the crazy concoctions! Dude! This is what it’s all about! I took the little Grubfiend (aka my son) and we did a murder on some food….

So what did we get into?

Okay first off we had to hit the swing ride that takes you up and spins you around. No seriously, this way you can get an accurate lay out and start scheming your day.

We saw the deeeeep fried cheesecake and it was on! It looks like they took an entire slice of cheesecake, battered and fried that sombitch! When asked if we wanted the chocolate drizzle and powdered sugar, the obvious answer is Hell Yes!!!! It was just sweet, warm and delicious and my son conducted a hostile takeover and decided to complete the destruction solo. What can you do? Definitely hit it up if you dig on cheesecake!

Next up! Fried frog legs. It sounded interesting enough and I remember liking them when I made them in culinary school so we decided to pull the trigger! 

Honestly when we received them I was like, meh. Looks like it needs sauce but there was none to be had. So we dove in, screw it! They were pretty dry and rubbery. Probably holding under the heat lamp for about 2 hours just waiting for some sucker to walk up and say “can I get the fried frog legs?????” Yep, it was me. It tasted and felt like eating over cooked mollusks. Oh well. I don’t recommend repeating my mistake of ordering fried frog legs at a fair…

So I had seen the juicy stand on the way out and they were grilling up some meat, serving up funnel cake and it all looked and smelled Devine!

I saw funnel cake burger and it was over. Paid my $10.75 and waited patiently as they fried up my funnel cake buns. He came out with a plate of funnel cake buns topped with powdered sugar, then we walked over to the grilling station where there was a lovely cheese burger ready and waiting to meet my funnel cake in what would turn out to be an everlasting love so great that it makes the love that Wesley and Princess Buttercup had in The Princess Bride look like the love that Flavor Flav had with the girl who pooped on the stairs on The Flavor Of Love!! If you don’t understand what I’m saying, fucking do it!! Just look at this thing kid! Looking all sexy like 1979 Jack Nicholson!

The funnel cake was so airy and crispy, you get a sweet hit then the tango of that smokey grilled burger and the cheese moving in all creepy like but it’s cool because everybody’s into it. It was  RIDICULOUS! Anyway I had to bone out pretty quickly as I required a change of underwear that I DIDN’T bring with me. I know right!