I felt that it was fitting that my first restaurant review be about one of my favorite breakfast spots! 

If you are a breakfast fiend like me, you are always looking for that next spot to hit up on the weekend. If you are in or around the city of Orange, make a B-line over to Anepalco’s! My family and I have been grubbing here for years! 

The place is small so expect to wait up to 30 minutes for a table depending on the day and time you go. You should be okay with that because who the hell wants to eat at a restaurant that’s always empty? It’s empty for a reason! The food doesn’t come out right away either. Do you know what that means? It means that they are actually hustling back there and cooking REAL food! 

The chef here has influences in French and Mexican cuisine. He takes Mexican dishes and uses some French techniques and blends it with that bold Hispanic flavor. He does such a superb job at creating layers of flavor. In his dishes he pays special mind to the balance of rich, spicy, salty and acidity which is important in Mexican cuisine and is largely why it is my favorite type of food. Anepalco’s nails it from the crepes to the omelettes to the Cuban sandwiches, but my two personal favorites will send you on an almost erotic experience driving you wild with eyes rolled in the back of your head enjoyment leaving you completely satisfied at the end wanting nothing more than to burn a couple heaters as you relax with a stupid smile permanently plastered on your face.

The first is the huevos rancheros. Off the charts flavor and beautiful presentation! The blend of chile and cheese and cream and guacamole all with a limey tang that you can feel in your jowls!

My other favorite is the green or red chilaquiles. Also a beautiful presentation with that tangy green sauce on the corn tortillas with the eggs, pico de gallo guacamole and cheese. If you don’t clean your plate, there’s something wrong with you. I don’t know, maybe you weren’t hugged enough as a small toddler or infant? I’m not here to solve all your problems. I’m just here to tell you where to get some bomb grub!

And BTW, they serve breakfast all day for you lazy asses who can’t get up in time to make the McDonalds cutoff!

Hit up Anepalco’s Cafe:

3737 W Chapman Ave

Orange, CA 92868-1608

United States