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Kukai Ramen & Izakaya

I was in the Seattle area on the hunt for some great food. Although on the outskirts of town I still managed to stumble upon this hip ramen house located in a strip mall next to your standard Subways, Menchies and the like. I think they have 4 locations in all.

As I roll up I see that there is a wait out the door. Most people cringe at the sight of waiting for their food and decide to head elsewhere and give their dinner dollars to a chili’s, or Applebee’s or some other casual diner but not me. I know why there is a line out the door and I want in!!

I was in luck since I was flying solo, they had a spot waiting for me at the counter! Cuz you know how we do it VIP style right? Right? No? Okay…. The service was promt and friendly. 

My first dish was the Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen. Ramen in a rich pork broth with flavored with Yamaguchi soy sauce, topped with black garlic oil. It also had a slice of pork in it and a half boiled egg. I tried by best not to look like a monkey humping a football as I tried to grab the slippery noodles with my chop sticks. Luckily I held my own but there were some moments when I lost my grip and looked around in the hopes that nobody saw me fumble my ramen.

The noodles that I did manage to deliver safely to my pie hole were fantastic! Perfectly al dente and had a beautiful flavor from the broth. The pork slice was nice and tender so I didn’t have to tug at it to get a bite off. That would have been disastrous given my lack of chop stick skills. The egg was perfectly cooked with a soft liquid center and the white had soaked up a lot of that wonderful pork broth flavor. 

I don’t go to a lot of ramen houses but I think I want to start! I’m not an expert but I think my palate is developed enough to know good grub when I taste it. This was good grub! Look at me in this pic, pulling out a big ole hunk of ramen with my chop stick skills!! (It took me like 5 attempts to get this shot).

My second dish was the Takayuki Octopus Dumplings with Aomori, okonomi sauce, mayo and bonito flakes. 

The presentation was beautiful with the dark color of the crispy dumplings offset by the sauce drizzle and bonito flakes.

As you bite in you get the crisp from the shell and the soft (innards of a tater tot) texture until you find the chewy, but not too chewy, octopus hidden inside. The flavors worked really well together, the inside being really neutral and the outside hitting your palate with flavor like a punch from Ray Rice! 

All in all this place was a major hit for me and I would definitely consider revisiting this place should I come to the Seattle area again. One of my followers on Instagram used the term “hella good” and I concur!

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Hit up….. 
Kukai Ramen & Izakaya

14845 Main Street

Bellevue, WA 98007
By Nick


Anepalco’s Cafe

I felt that it was fitting that my first restaurant review be about one of my favorite breakfast spots! 

If you are a breakfast fiend like me, you are always looking for that next spot to hit up on the weekend. If you are in or around the city of Orange, make a B-line over to Anepalco’s! My family and I have been grubbing here for years! 

The place is small so expect to wait up to 30 minutes for a table depending on the day and time you go. You should be okay with that because who the hell wants to eat at a restaurant that’s always empty? It’s empty for a reason! The food doesn’t come out right away either. Do you know what that means? It means that they are actually hustling back there and cooking REAL food! 

The chef here has influences in French and Mexican cuisine. He takes Mexican dishes and uses some French techniques and blends it with that bold Hispanic flavor. He does such a superb job at creating layers of flavor. In his dishes he pays special mind to the balance of rich, spicy, salty and acidity which is important in Mexican cuisine and is largely why it is my favorite type of food. Anepalco’s nails it from the crepes to the omelettes to the Cuban sandwiches, but my two personal favorites will send you on an almost erotic experience driving you wild with eyes rolled in the back of your head enjoyment leaving you completely satisfied at the end wanting nothing more than to burn a couple heaters as you relax with a stupid smile permanently plastered on your face.

The first is the huevos rancheros. Off the charts flavor and beautiful presentation! The blend of chile and cheese and cream and guacamole all with a limey tang that you can feel in your jowls!

My other favorite is the green or red chilaquiles. Also a beautiful presentation with that tangy green sauce on the corn tortillas with the eggs, pico de gallo guacamole and cheese. If you don’t clean your plate, there’s something wrong with you. I don’t know, maybe you weren’t hugged enough as a small toddler or infant? I’m not here to solve all your problems. I’m just here to tell you where to get some bomb grub!

And BTW, they serve breakfast all day for you lazy asses who can’t get up in time to make the McDonalds cutoff!

Hit up Anepalco’s Cafe:

3737 W Chapman Ave

Orange, CA 92868-1608

United States

OC Fair

Surley you know that you can’t keep a grubfiend away from a fair! The fried foods, the BBQ, the crazy concoctions! Dude! This is what it’s all about! I took the little Grubfiend (aka my son) and we did a murder on some food….

So what did we get into?

Okay first off we had to hit the swing ride that takes you up and spins you around. No seriously, this way you can get an accurate lay out and start scheming your day.

We saw the deeeeep fried cheesecake and it was on! It looks like they took an entire slice of cheesecake, battered and fried that sombitch! When asked if we wanted the chocolate drizzle and powdered sugar, the obvious answer is Hell Yes!!!! It was just sweet, warm and delicious and my son conducted a hostile takeover and decided to complete the destruction solo. What can you do? Definitely hit it up if you dig on cheesecake!

Next up! Fried frog legs. It sounded interesting enough and I remember liking them when I made them in culinary school so we decided to pull the trigger! 

Honestly when we received them I was like, meh. Looks like it needs sauce but there was none to be had. So we dove in, screw it! They were pretty dry and rubbery. Probably holding under the heat lamp for about 2 hours just waiting for some sucker to walk up and say “can I get the fried frog legs?????” Yep, it was me. It tasted and felt like eating over cooked mollusks. Oh well. I don’t recommend repeating my mistake of ordering fried frog legs at a fair…

So I had seen the juicy stand on the way out and they were grilling up some meat, serving up funnel cake and it all looked and smelled Devine!

I saw funnel cake burger and it was over. Paid my $10.75 and waited patiently as they fried up my funnel cake buns. He came out with a plate of funnel cake buns topped with powdered sugar, then we walked over to the grilling station where there was a lovely cheese burger ready and waiting to meet my funnel cake in what would turn out to be an everlasting love so great that it makes the love that Wesley and Princess Buttercup had in The Princess Bride look like the love that Flavor Flav had with the girl who pooped on the stairs on The Flavor Of Love!! If you don’t understand what I’m saying, fucking do it!! Just look at this thing kid! Looking all sexy like 1979 Jack Nicholson!

The funnel cake was so airy and crispy, you get a sweet hit then the tango of that smokey grilled burger and the cheese moving in all creepy like but it’s cool because everybody’s into it. It was  RIDICULOUS! Anyway I had to bone out pretty quickly as I required a change of underwear that I DIDN’T bring with me. I know right!


National S’mores Day!

In honor of National S’mores Day On August 10th I’ve done up a couple of recipes to show my admiration for the beloved dessert. The first one is a s’mores bite and here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 bag of large marshmallows.
  • Some dipping chocolate (unless you want to temper your own in which case the descriptor of “easy” goes out the window).
  • 1 box crushed up graham crackers.
  • Some sandwich picks for dipping the shmallows.
  • Parchment lined sheet pan.

What you do:

  • Melt the dipping chocolate in a double boiler so you don’t burn the chocolate. That would make it taste bad and mess up the texture.
  • Stick sandwich picks in the tops of the marshmallows. Dip marshmallows in the chocolate up to the top. 
  • Shake off excess chocolate and roll in graham crumb. Set on parchment lined sheet pan to set. 
  • You can refrigerate to speed up the process. 
  • I took out the picks but you can leave them in for easy snacking!


S’more #2 is a food monster and slightly more involved. You’ll also need a fryer for this one. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Chocolate chip cookies. I bought mine from Costco but you can use your preferred go to.
  • Marshmallow fluff. 
  • Reese’s peanut butter cups.
  • Funnel cake mix (also use pancake or waffle mix) just add water until it is slightly thicker than an Alfredo sauce.
  • 1 box of crushed up graham crackers.

What you do:

  • First mix your batter because once the sandwich is made, you need to act fast as the fluff tends to run given the time to do so. So mix just slightly thicker than an Alfredo sauce. You just need something for the crumbs to adhere to.
  • Make the sandwich. Lay out both cookies bottom up and put a dollop of marshmallow fluff in the center of each one. Take the Reese’s peanut butter cup and press it straight into the center of the fluff. Slap the other half of that cookie on top to complete your sandwich.
  • Dip that thing in the batter and drain the excess. Then roll it in the crumb. Keep turning it over, pressing the crumb into all the crevices and repeat until it is well coated.
  • Fry that bitch @350 degrees F for about 1 minute 30 seconds. Watch the color.
  • Wait 5 minutes. Can you do it? Cut that bad boy in half, pull apart slowly, ejaculate and enjoy!


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